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Frequently Ask Questions.

We strictly prohibit any writing on the following topics: hate-speech and offensive content.

We have a background in corporate growth hacking, digital marketing, lead generation, AI-powered technology, DFY content creation, business growth and branding. 

In spite of writing being our forte and delivering excellent content in the past, you could still be dissatisfied with the initial results for some reason throughout your order. Because of the nature of this service, we are unable to give you a refund. But we will always provide you with more versions of your content so that you can choose one that works best for you.
Assume you book 9000 words per month and want a script of 1000 words with voice overs and subtitles for an engaging video. We would allocate 1000 words towards copywriting, another 1000 words for video creation (with or without subtitles) and another 1000 words for voice-over. A total of 3000 words would be taken out of your 9000 word count.
Yes, your unused word count can be transferred to the next month if you sign up for our yearly plan and pay for 12 months upfront. With our 12-month subscription, you also receive 10% off your monthly fee. Nevertheless, we do not allow transfers of more than 1 month at a time and 3 months at total, so that our workload and capacity remain secure.